“The Supplier”: #slumbersquad and any of its employees and affiliates

“Renter”: the person and/or household who engages in the services, either in part or in whole, provided by #slumbersquad

“The Parties”: Both the supplier and the renter

“The Equipment”: all materials supplied for use on a temporary basis by #slubmersquad

“The Rental Period”: unless otherwise agreed upon, 24 hours from the time setup of the equipment is complete

Terms and Conditions:

Agreement - By providing payment to the supplier, in any denomination, the renter expressly agrees to all the terms contained in this agreement. The renter hereby consents to the use of all photographs and all other correspondence between the parties, prior to, during and after the course of the rental period, to be used for promotional purposes.

Packages – The renter and supplier will agree on a package offered by the supplier and all equipment will be provided by the supplied on a mutually agreed upon event date. Once a package choice has been confirmed by the renter, changes may not be made to the package choice except to upgrade the package, if availability by the supplier permits.

Payment – A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the rental equipment for a specified event date. The balance of the renter’s pre-chosen package will be paid by the renter to the supplier one (1) week prior to date of the event. A $100.00 refundable incidental deposit is required one (1) week before the event date. The incidental deposit will be refunded to the renter, in the same tender as received by the supplier, once a full inspection of the equipment has been completed by the supplier without any noted damages.

Cancellation – The $50 deposit used to secure the event date is non-refundable. The renter may choose to transfer the deposit to secure an alternate event date, if available, if the renter provides the supplier 21 days notice of the cancellation, prior to the scheduled event date. In the event where the renter has ordered customized items and the party is cancelled, the deposit will be used to pay for those items (up to the value of the items) and an additional $50 deposit will be required to re-book the event (less any remaining balance after the customized items have been paid for). All customized items which have been paid for will be delivered to the renter regardless of the cancellation, assuming the deposit fully covers the cost of the items.

Use of Equipment – The renter is responsible to be present during setup, dismantling and during the course of the rental period. The area in which the equipment is to be utilized must be clean, free of pet hair and clear of any furniture or other objects prior to the event date. The renter is responsible to ensure that all driveways/walkways and other access points, including hallways, to the area intended to be utilized for the equipment are clear of snow, ice, debris and all other interfering objects. The renter is responsible to ensure sufficient space is provided for the use of the equipment. The supplier will not remove, move or alter any furniture or other objects in the area intended to utilize the equipment. The supplier reserves the right to cancel, at its discretion and without notice, the rental of the equipment, if the supplier is not satisfied that area, intended for use of the equipment, is suitable. If the supplier chooses to cancel the rental equipment, the $50 deposit will be withheld but all other payments returned to the renter. The equipment cannot be used to climb, lean on, jump on or sit on. Pets and food are not permitted near or on the equipment. Only the supplier is permitted to dismantle any of the equipment. The supplier will not return the $100 incidental deposit should the supplier find any damage to the equipment however, the supplier may, at its discretion impose partial refunds depending on the extent of damage.

Liability - The supplier will take every care during the setup and dismantling of its equipment however, the supplier cannot be held responsible for any damage to any person or object, prior to, after or during the course of the rental period. The renter hereby agrees not to hold the supplier liable for any injuries to persons or pets, prior to, after or during the course of the rental period. The renter further agrees not to hold the supplier liable for any damage to any real or personal property, including, but not limited to, damage to walls, floors, carpet or furniture, prior to, after or during the course of the rental period. The renter agrees not to bring any claims or actions against the supplier for any damage or harm resulting to any person, pet, real or personal property caused prior to, after or during the course of the rental period.

The Terms and Conditions of this agreement is binding on any guest, visitor and affiliate of the renter during or after the course of the rental period and payment of the deposit constitutes acceptance of all of the above terms.

— Hana Mahdi, Owner & Event Co-ordinator at #slumbersquad